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Independent Study

Short term independent study

A Short Term Independent Study Agreement is an optional alternative instructional strategy by which students may reach curriculum objectives and fulfill promotional requirements. An Independent Study Agreement is a means of individualizing the educational plan for students who are going to be out of school for three (3) or more consecutive days not to exceed fifteen (15) for reasons other than illness or injury.

  1. The Short Term Independent Study Agreement length is not to exceed ten (10) school days unless extenuating circumstances justify a longer time. 

  2. The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services may honor the request to extend the maximum length of an assignment up to an additional week for no more than fifteen (15) days total. 

    1. The criteria for approval includes an acceptable reason for requesting the Independent Study Agreement and evidence the student will work independently to complete assignments. 

  3. A Short Term Independent Study Agreement is required and must be signed by the parent, student, teacher and site administrator (Short Term) or Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services (Short Term Extended – Special Circumstances) prior to commencing Independent Study. 

  4. The agreement specifies the amount of work to be completed, the amount of time to be spent each day, when the work will be turned in to the teacher and how the work will be evaluated.

  5.  Agreements must include a written reason for requesting Independent Study.

  6.  No individual with exceptional needs, as defined in Education Code 56026, may participate in Independent Study unless his/her individualized education program specifically provides for such participation. 

  7. A Short Term Independent Study Agreement must be requested at least five school days prior to a planned absence to ensure teachers can prepare materials. 

  8.  A Short Term Independent Study Agreement WILL NOT be issued for the first two weeks or last two weeks of school. 

  9. The Independent Study Agreement must be approved and completed BEFORE the student is out of school. 

  10. Refer to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6158 for further information.  

LONG TERM independent study

Dry Creek Connections Academy, serves as Dry Creek's long-term Independent Study option.* Connections Academy offers a blend of the best elements of independent learning and live virtual instruction from home. An optimal educational alternative, Connections is tuition-free and part of the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District. Enrollment is open to all students grades TK-8. Click here for full information on this world-class, long-term Independent Study program. 

*Dry Creek Connections Academy satisfies AB 130, (July 9, 2021).

Please click/select one of the below options to fill out the Independent Study Agreement for your child(ren).  Each student needs their own Independent Study Agreement.  After you submit the form, you will be contacted by your child(ren)’s school office.  Should you have questions regarding Independent Study, please contact your school office.