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Special Education Resources

Online Resources

Occupational Therapy resources

Physical Therapy Resources

Speech & Language Resources

Preschool: Story Place - Select a story with target sound. Ex. “Babies” would target initial B. Read aloud to students for auditory bombardment. 

Preschool: Ms. Lane's SLP Materials

PK- 5: Mommy Speech Therapy   word lists/worksheets for articulation under "free downloads."

6-8 Grade: Middle-School Speech and Language Resources  

6-8 Grade: Speech Therapy Ideas for Middle School - Board Games!  

6-8 Grade: Activities: Middle School 

6-8 Grade: Storyline Online  

6-8 Grade: MommySpeechTherapy 

6-8 Grade: PrAACtical AAC 

6-8 Grade: 65 Speech Therapy Word Lists for Speech Therapy Practice 

Adapted physical education resources

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (ACC) resources