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Staff Recognition

Join us in celebrating our w.o.w staff members of the month

Each month Dry Creek selects and celebrates a staff member from each school site and district office who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and commitment to serving our students and staff. We value each and every staff member in our Dry Creek family, and we thank each of you for your dedication to making a difference in our community. 

Honorees for the 2019-2020 school year


Annette Boardingham, Campus Supervisor, Olive Grove Elementary School

Maria Burgos, Instructional Aide, Multi-Handicaped, Quail Glen Elementary School

Stephanie Collin, Instructional Aide, Creekview Ranch School

Lori Hoffman, Office Clerk, Antelope Crossing Middle School

Seth Johnson, Technician, District Support Services

Guilia Love, Office Clerk, Antelope Meadows Elementary School

Victoria McCoy, Instructional Aide, Multi-Handicapped, Coyote Ridge Elementary School

Ember Shurtz, Office Clerk, Heritage Oak Elementary School

Valeria Tirziu, Custodian, Silverado Middle School

Linda Wenzel, Campus Supervisor, Barrett Ranch Elementary School


Kim Colburn, Instructional Assistant Multi-Handicapped, Heritage Oak Elementary School

Floare Dejeu, Custodian, Antelope Meadows Elementary School

Debbie Duffy, Office Clerk, Antelope Crossing Middle School

Cheryl Fastiggi, Instructional Aide Multi-Handicapped, Barrett Ranch Elementary School 

Lisa Hearl, Instructional Aide, Olive Grove Elementary School

Dorel Lup, Bus Driver, District Office

Lisa Nadeau, Campus Supervisor, Coyote Ridge Elementary School 

Crystal Rea, Office Clerk, Creekview Ranch School

Stacy Slay, Campus Supervisor, Quail Glen Elementary School

Lori Sirmans, Office Clerk, Silverado Middle School